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hi, I'm CSMineMan. I know that there are a lot of youtubers on the server. The youtubers aren't that popular, but I have a good idea! First, I wanted to say, I'm a youtuber. Now this is my suggestion. For youtubers, they should get a rank/prefix, just like pokehelpers and gym leaders. I think that this would be a good thing, because then people could find youtubers. Youtubers like me that aren't that poular might become more popular because. There should also be a /youtube online command, that would show all of the youtubers that are online! I think this would be very cool to have and I think youtubers will be very happy about it! The last thing is how to get the youtuber rank. The youtubers could apply for their youtuber rank on the forums. Please accept this idea I would love it, and I would be very happy! Thank you for reading.


p.s. there is a gym manager, a server manager, and a community manager. I wanted to know if I could be the youtuber managaer. I would be very happy!

mmm i dont think there would really be a need for a "youtube manager" given that there is not really any instruction to give the few youtubers on the server. in my opinion anyway


maybe the youtube manager isn't a good idea lol! but i think being able to find youtubers in the server to watch would be really fun and i'd be happy if this is added! ;) p.s. if there was a youtube manager the job would be to give the ranks to people that apply on the server! :)

Maybe a sub forum section could be added instead? For youtubers on the server to do their thing, if they want to be vocal? I think this could more more useful than a /youtube online command? They could post links to their videos about Pixelmon and discuss them? :)

i guess, but i also think it would be cool for youtubers to have a rank and people can see when some youtubers are online. ;)  just my opinion! :)

Ya, it is a cool idea I like it. ;)

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