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i would like a carvanha and a magikarp plz

- mew

Vulpix please! And what are the eevees ivs? I can't seem to see them. But I'll probably buy him too :3




How much for all of these?

Interested in Dratini/Slowpoke how much do they sell for?

Howmuch for that fancy Dwebble?

L, do you know Gods of Death love apples?

Say the prices

How much Bagon and or gligar? Also  Pichu! Its part of my family


Make naives Bagons

I whould like a gliscor, whats the prize for 1 of those? 



Visit?, Come to /warp Phq on Johto


I'll buy a Larvesta ( Any Size )

reserve that male venipede for me, i will give the fella a home

If we're reserving pokes, then I'd like to get a female shellder with 31 / 31 / 31 / x / 31 / 31.

I'd like to take a few Pokémon, but just got a question from the Pokémon nooby Maddiesprint. Why is there an 'x' where it shows the IV's? What does it mean? Please explain. (:

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the x is the IV which is'nt important for that pokemon set up and nature so will be any number but dosent actually matter.


King of the slowbros!!

Larvesta and skarmory prices please?


PM me please, you can just comment again but I'm more likely to notice if you private message me


My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

Shellder and/or dwebble

Hi there.

How much for the Dratini?



I want to buy an dratini for 2,25k

Reserve that male ryhorn for me

Pichu if possible will pay alot


I'll buy the Metagross please!

Gligar, Skorupi, Ekans, Magicarp, Dwebble, Natu, Pineco and Tentacool

i would like to reserve that male abra

I guess this is still a thing?

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

Venipede ,where can i find u in game and how much?