NetherCity Hoenn Events!

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Every saturday at 8pm gmt +0 we will try to host an event at /warp netherevents on the hoenn server.

4pm in New York

There are prizes, and on this topic we will announce the next event and prizes.

Also: If you got any suggestions for other events, sure, do comment! :)

You can see the winners at the hoenn server at /warp netherhall :)

The different activities we may arrange (one at a saturday only):
- Parkour
- Treasure hunt
- Fishing
- Archery tournament
- Pokemon tournament
- Spleef (safe with water underneath)
- Hide and seek

List of events:

May 23: Archery tournament *DONE*
May 30: Treasure hunt at /warp treasurehunt *DONE*
June 6: Hide and seek *DONE* Screenshots:
June 13: Spleef *DONE* Screenshots:
June 20: Parkour *DONE* Screenshots:
June 27: Fishing *DONE* Screenshots:
July 4: Archery *DONE* Screenshots:
July 11: Spleef *DONE* Screenshots:
July 18: Hide and seek *DONE* Screenshots:
July 25: Treasure hunt *DONE* Screenshots:
August 1: Fishing *DONE*
August 8: Pixelmon tournament *DONE* Screenshots:
August 15: Archery *DONE* Screenshots:
August 22: Forum event *DONE*
August 29: Parkour *DONE*
September 5: Scavenger hunt *DONE* Screenshots:
September 12: Spleef at *CANCELED*
September 19: Treasure hunt *DONE*

September 26: Spleef at /warp netherspleef

July 18th Fishing /warp Netherfishing

The Event will be postponed 2 hours so it will start at  6 pm EST