[Selling] Shinies

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This is where you can buy/trade me for a shiny! Scroll down for more info!

I started playing this server on 7/8/2016 and I've collected some shinies!

I accept:

  • Shinies
  • Legendaries
  • Masterball/Park Ball(s)
  • Pokecoins (currency)
  • Mythicals (mythicals are basically legendaries but cannot be obtained in the Official Pokemon Game, but can be obtained in Pixelmon)


At the moment I have:

Shiny Wobbuffet - Color: Hot Pink - 150pc (I also accept items listed above)

Shiny Aipom - Color: Red - 175pc (I also accept items listed above)

(Contact me in game to have a wider variety of shinies!)

(this will be updated once I get more)

Seller: iFreshz

‚Äč(buy VIP for 20pc and get a wider selection!)