This weeks updates!

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Hello dear community-members!

A lot of background update and changes have been done this week, some you might've noticed, but some you probably didn't. Therefor this topic. I will try to do it weekly to keep you all up to date with our progression!

It's quite a list, so be prepared to read a lot!

  • Memberlist
    As you can see at the top of the website, between "Forum" and "My account" there now is a "Members" button!
    This makes it easier for you to find our staff-members, Gymleaders and even your friends!
  • Suggestions forum update!
    - approved
    - pending
    - denied
  • Gyms
    As pixelmonmod 3.0 is getting closer and closer to a release we are going to change a lot about the Gyms. Before we publish this we'll make some decisions with the current Gymleaders. We will inform you about this once we have the complete picture ready.

    Gymleader activity checked
    We're going to check all the Gymleaders activity every few weeks, because having offline Gymeaders doesn't help us, nor you. Also, as said a lot of previous times, We're still searching for new active gymleaders
    Check this forum topic to see if you meet the requirements.

  • Staff permissions
    We have changed a lot of permissions on the server for our staff team, meaning some ranks can do more than they were previously able to do, and some might be able do do less.
    For you, the community, it should get a lot easier to get the help you require.

    Staffmember activity checked
    What happens with the activity on Gymleaders also happens with the staff-members. We need staff-members who are dedicated to their job, being our first line of support to you, the players.
    We can't have enough Pokéhelpers!
    Do you think if fit into our staff-team?
    Do you meet the requirements?

    Go to this topic and let us know to become a Pokéhelper!
  • MinecraftBans
    From now on you'll be able to find your bans on website at 'My-account'.
    You'll be able to respond to it, show us you're sorry of what happened on the Server, Website or Teamspeak.
    This might give us a better look at the Ban, the reason behind it and your story. As long as you use normal language, it'll always be in your favor.​
  • No more Lemon-Presents!
    As you might've noticed the Lemon presents have been taken away from the shop again. 
    Lemon-presents will only come a few times a year on special occasions or at lemon's birthday (of course)!
    We hope you enjoyed the enormous discount it gave and that you got what you were searching for all along!
  • More Pokecoins for voting!
    You are now able to get 7.5 pokecoins per votelink and voting for planetminecraft and minestatus brings in even more pokecoins. You can vote for on /vote/


This is all for now, as said at the top of this very long post. We are going to try and make a post every week, keeping you guys updated with our progressions!

Thanks for reading this, enjoy Pixelmon and let us know if you have any questions.



how do you get on the server

You /Download/ Forge and the Pixelmonmod and join