Thanksgiving Contest

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I've decided that I should probably do an event for Thanksgiving since I've done one for most of the other holidays. This time we're doing a building contest. To enter, build something that is related to Thanksgiving. Once you are done, you can private message the screenshots to me on Discord or here, on the forums. The winner will get 2 random shiny legendaries and 5 random shinies. The contest ends Sunday, November 26th. Good luck, and have fun! :)

Congratulations to Crazy__Pete for winning the contest with a funny pixel art!

Since Crazy__Pete is a manager, the prize will be given to the 2nd place person, Saltshaker_25.

does it have to be on the server or can it be in creative on singleplayer


I want to join. Could I build my build on my ownworld or in server?

Also what size are we limited to? If any?

Hoarder of Choray Try Hard Points!

10/11,000 till shiny Mew!

It has to be on the server. There is no size limit, Doc.